Before becoming a producing partner at WhiteLight Entertainment, Chet Thomas worked with Gerald Molen on Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report.  Prior to that, he worked at DreamWorks for three years, and then went on to Jesse Dylan’s Paradise Entertainment as Director of Development.  At Paradise, Mr. Thomas refined his ability to discover and develop high-concept and worthwhile projects. Beginning his film career as a Production Assistant, Mr. Thomas rapidly progressed through various positions.  He served as a Location Scout on numerous productions, as well as a Location Manager for the television series Touched By An Angel.  From there, Mr. Thomas worked behind the camera as a 2nd Assistant Director and a 1st Assistant Director.  In total, he worked on over twenty features, movies of the week and television series.


Focusing his efforts in a new direction, Mr. Thomas began to build and operate his own production company called Redpoint Films.  After running Redpoint for three years, he was hired to work for DreamWorks, where he first served in the story department. He collaborated with the creative team on such DreamWorks projects as Amistad, Deep Impact and Saving Private Ryan.  He quickly moved to work in Feature Development.  It was here that he worked creatively with Jason Hoffs and played an active role on Meet the Parents, Road to Perdition, Mouse Hunt, Small Soldiers and The Mexican.


In addition to his work in Hollywood, Mr. Thomas organized a non-profit organization entitled Independent Student Media (ISM) with the help of his colleague Darrin Fletcher in 1999.  ISM is designed to aid teachers in fostering the creativity of their students and channeling youthful energy away from violence through the creation of their own films.  The organization uses an online curriculum in conjunction with summer workshops.  ISM enters its fifth year of full operation.  Mr. Thomas also speaks fluent Spanish and has a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts.